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Standing tall and proud in the face of hate, using our voices to raise awareness of the dangerous and unacceptable increase in violent expressions of Jew-hatred, and holding both those that indulge in vile antisemitism and their enablers fully accountable.


Using tools like IBM’s Watson®, we’re constantly tracking antisemitic activity online to help inform where to focus our efforts and resources. This enables us to keep our finger on the vacillating pulse of social hatred and to respond effectively and immediately.


When major antisemitic incidents occur we’re able to mobilize our volunteer base on the ground and online to raise awareness, mount pressure against those involved and ensure they are held accountable for their statements and actions.


Rather than remain reactive to antisemitism, we proactively develop and deliver a range of digital and print educational media tailored to students and lay people at all levels. We also dispatch our representatives to schools and communities to inform the public and motivate individuals to do their part.

Americans Against Antisemitism was founded by Dov Hikind, a former New York State Assemblyman for 36 years, to bring together a broad cross-section of Americans who have zero tolerance for hatred of any sort and are ready, willing, and able to counter it head on.

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