From Conflict to Unity: A Friendly Conversation Between an Israeli and a Palestinian


In this webinar, hosted by Inna Vernikov Women’s Committee Chairperson of Americans Against Antisemitism, Israeli peace activist Rudy Rochman and Palestinian peace activist John Elias Dabis discuss the prospect of peace and the path towards its fulfillment.

Rudy Rochman is a peace activist and social media influencer who runs his own businesses and is a leader in several grassroots movements such as LAVI, VISION, and HaBayit, which focus on Jewish education and uniting Israeli and Palestinian local activists to craft a better collective reality for all inhabitants of the land without giving up on the aspirations of either population.

John Elias Dabis was born in Houston Texas and moved to Ramallah at the age of 14 where he went to an American Quaker school there. John moved to Cyprus for college where he studied graphic design and marketing and moved back upon earning his degree. He found a job and then lost it due to the Second Intifada. With skills as a writer and photographer, John became a freelance journalist and peace activist.

Inna Vernikov is the founding attorney of the Law Offices of Inna Vernikov, PLLC and is a recipient of Jewish Week’s 36 Under 36 award. Inna serves as the Women’s Committee Chair for Americans Against Antisemitism and is currently a candidate for the New York City Council’s 48th district in South Brooklyn.