“Hatred is born of ignorance: fear is its father, and isolation is its mother”

– Christian Picciolini deradicalized white supremacist and anti-hate activist

Educating Our Future

Ignorance has always proven to be fertile breeding grounds for hate. Antisemitism, however, being based on misinformation, disinformation, distortion of facts, and denial of history banks on ignorance to successfully implant its hate in unsuspecting and unwitting targets.

The only answer to antisemitism that begins to address its root causes is education, education, and more education!


After conducting an extensive review of existing literature and curricula on antisemitism, we found some glaring gaps that needed to be filled in. What is presently available has several limitations in that they are either outdated, too limited or too broad in perspective, not visually appealing and therefore unengaging for middle and high school students. 

Furthermore, there is nothing available that is teaching the unique and long history of antisemitism from the Jewish perspective for specifically Jewish students with a rudimentary background in Judaic studies.

Special Features


Working with lots of relevant source material, the textbook aims to engage younger audiences, whose attention is being pulled to digital devices, with bright and colorful illustrations, infographics, and archival materials.


To make the textbook even more engaging, students will be able to use their smartphones to scan relevant pages and access additional media like videos, slideshows, soundbytes and original documents.


As part of the package for schools, a teacher’s guide that outlines the learning goals and outcomes of each chapter, as well as guidance on how to coach the students through the difficult subject.


Even with the emphasis on engaging visuals and short, succinct, easy-to-read paragraphs, the textbook is rather comprehensive in its accounting of the long history of antisemitism, weaving together many known, but far more unknown, tragic episodes the Jewish people encountered. More importantly, it brings that history into the present for analysis so that more effective counter strategies can be devised.


In addition to the core text, students will encounter subsections like “Did you know?” and “Recurring Question” that provoke their thoughts, requiring them to wrestle with difficult questions. Additionally, the end of each chapter poses questions for further reflection and research along with an index of all the key terms and people highlighted throughout the chapter.

Speakers’s Bureau

Americans Against Antisemitism has been traveling across the country to schools and universities to lecture, inform, and engage students of all backgrounds in the mission against antisemitism. For more information about speakers or the launch of our curriculum, please fill out the form.

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