AAA Releases Alarming Report on Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes and Prosecutions in NYC

READ FULL REPORT: The Prosecution—or Lack Thereof—of Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes in NYC

Key Findings:

• Jews not only account for the majority of hate crime victims in NYC
(by volume and per capita) but Jews are also attacked on average in
more than 70% of police precincts—twice the rate of the next most
targeted group.

• Contrary to common perception, in NYC, the vast majority of
perpetrators of anti-Jewish hate crimes are members of other
minority groups, not white supremacists.

• Since 2018, of 118 potentially trackable individuals arrested for
anti-Jewish hate crimes, AAA positively identified 84, of which only
1 has been convicted and sentenced to a significant prison term; 15
accepted plea deals that do not appear to involve any prison time; 23
have had hate crime charges removed or criminal charges dropped
altogether; 22 are still “pending”; and 23 remain unknown, having
totally disappeared from criminal court records.

• When it comes to anti-Jewish hate crimes in NYC, numerous case
studies presented herein demonstrate that there are practically no
serious consequences to be had or severe punishments to be faced
by very violent and hateful criminals who’ve caused significant
physical, emotional, and psychological harm to their victims.