16 Hasidic Jewish Men Rounded Up and Detained for Over 10 Hours in German Airport for No Reason


Hasidic travelers from New York were stopped on their way to Vienna at Frankfurt Airport and held in detention for over ten hours with no explanation offered.


Can you criticize George Soros without being labeled an Antisemite?

The DOs and DONTs of criticizing influential billionaires of any religion.

When SNL made an antisemitic joke we took immediate action

We protested outside SNL-NBC headquarters to send a strong message: Antisemitism is NEVER funny!

Marc Lamont Hill CAUGHT & EXPOSED Spreading Antisemitic Blood Libel; Accused Israel of Genocide

A conversation featuring Hill and Linda Sarsour on the Clubhouse app recorded some horrifying commentary.

Farrakhan Follower Attacks Capitol; Media Mostly Silent About Connection

Mainstream media have minimized the role Louis Farrakhan and his diabolical Nation of Islam played in influencing the attacker.

INTERVIEW: Taking Governor Andrew Cuomo To Task Over COVID Failures

Israel Bitton, executive director of Americans Against Antisemitism, lambasts Governor Cuomo for scapegoating Jews

Tribute To My Mother, Survivor of Auschwitz​

Commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz on January 27 in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Why "Anti-Zionism" is Antisemitism

Americans Against Antisemitism calls for accountability at the Washington Post for running an inflammatory opinion piece against Israel.

The Dov Hikind Show

Frontier Airlines Accused of Antisemitism After Forcing Hasidic Family Off Flight

I spoke directly with a passenger (who happens to be non-Jewish) who was on the flight and witnessed it all first hand. Everyone was wearing masks except for the baby who is under two years old and isn’t required to wear a mask. He and others also overheard the crew talk about ‘doing a good job with those Jews’. Clearly antisemitism played a role here. What all the facts are we don’t know but we’re calling upon Frontier Airlines to right this wrong, investigate fully, and ensure such an incident never occurs again. We cannot tolerate Jew-hate at any level.

INTERVIEW with Heather Dune Macadam, author of book on First Official Jewish Transport to Auschwitz

The "Woke" Police Come for President Lincoln

Floyd Exhibit Doesn't Belong in Holocaust Museum

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