Antisemitism: Weekly Roundup – 2/27/21 – 3/5

Compiled by Baruch Lytle (with brief commentary)

February 27: Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes Kicked Out of CPAC for Hate Speech

After wandering over (apparently uninvited) to the CPAC convention, Fuentes shared the following thoughts about the rival conference designed for those who find CPAC to be “wishy-washy:”

 “At AFPAC, we don’t wear masks. At AFPAC, we don’t have homosexuals speaking on the stage,” Fuentes said.

AFPAC should stick with the duck- it was a much better spokesperson.  Oh wait, that’s AFLAC..

February 28: Frontier Flight Attendants Eject Hasidic Family From Plane Because Baby Wasn’t Wearing A Mask

“I saw them high-fiving each other, and high-fiving and saying ‘A job well done to those Jews,’” one man said of the flight attendants.

Frontier airlines released the following statement via Twiier: “Members of a large group, including adults, refused to wear masks as flight 2878 was preparing for departure from MIA-LGA.  Repeated requests to comply with federal law necessitated their removal from the flight…”

Frontier Airlines issued a statement regarding their actions against the family.  Where is the statement regarding the actions of the flight attendants?

March 1:  Vancouver Conspiracy Theorist Creates COVID-19 T-Shirt Invoking the Holocaust

“We are the official yellow star class in Canada, so that’s why I made that design,” Susan Standfield said of herself and fellow anti-vaxxers.

Can we get Utah Governor Spencer Cox on the phone?

March 2: Kosher Eatery In Amsterdam Vandalized For The Eighth Time

“I’ve lost count,” Bar-On said. “There are many restaurants owned by different nationalities along this street, but we are the only one subjected to these kinds of incidents.”

March 2: Professor Fired For Posting Anti-Semitic Tweets, Calls COVID-19 a “Jewish Revolution”

While the professor admitted that many of the things he tweeted were “horrible,” he insisted he was only exercising his free speech rights. 

Why not exercise the right to remain silent?

March 2: Swastika Found On Abandoned Building In Salt Lake City

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed the Concurrent Resolution on Holocaust Education, a resolution passed by the Utah Legislature that encourages schools to teach kids about the Holocaust and genocide education.

There are reportedly less than 6,000 Jews in all the state of Utah. Great job governor! Thank you for demonstrating how to do the right thing and showing true leadership, even when it won’t necessarily affect you at the polls. Now to get Holocaust education required on a national level…

March 3: Chemistry TA Who Threatened To Lower the Grades of Jews Still Teaching at Johns Hopkins University

Back in November she tweeted: “Ethical dilemma: if you have to grade a Zionist students exam, do you still give them all their points even though they support your ethnic cleansing? like idk,” one tweet read.

In a Jan. 5 email to Hopkins Hillel affiliates, Provost Sunil Kumar and interim Dean John Toscano stated that they had seen the tweets and are taking action.

“Johns Hopkins to Take Action Against Anti-Semite.” In other news: Hell Found Frozen Over.

March 3: White Supremacist Paul Miller Arrested By FBI’s Terrorism Task Force

FBI agents arrested a radical known for boasting about weapons and threatening violence in Fort Lauderdale.

In that same video, Miller expressed his hatred for Jews and an apparent desire to organize violence.

Back in December he posted a video discussing weapons and saying: “I hate the Jews. I want to gas ‘em.” Another person on the video stream asked, “You gotta army?” Miller replied, “I’m trying to build one.”

Maybe you can borrow the army that just busted down your door.

March 4: Man Finds Vandalism Outside Home in Aberystwyth

March 4: 100+ MPs and Colleagues Call On Bristol University (UK) to Condemn Professor David Miller Over Antisemitic Comments About Jewish Students

The professor got himself in hot water when he casually dropped the claim that Jewish students were “directed by the state of Israel.”

Then again, we all know that every Jew is a Mossad agent, so…

March 4: Ohio State University Student Gets Exposed As Raging Jew-Hater

We haven’t heard of any action yet taken by the university. And neither are we holding our breath.

March 5: 60-Year Old Man Arrested in Attempted Stabbing at a Jewish School and Kosher Supermarket in Marseille, France; No Victims Reported

According to this person it was the school’s own security team that first neutralized the terrorist, preventing him from meeting his murderous goal.

There’s no word yet on his motivations, if antisemitic or a grievance, and neither on his mental capacity. We hope justice will be served, but…it’s France, after all. France, where they said a murderer who killed his elderly Jewish neighbor could not be prosecuted because he was high on marijuana at the time!

And with that we conclude another week where global antisemitism ran rampant and unabated. What will the next bring?

We do not know, but for now, we pray for a truly peaceful Shabbat.