AAA Releases Alarming Report on Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes and Prosecutions in NYC

READ FULL REPORT: The Prosecution—or Lack Thereof—of Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes in NYC Key Findings: • Jews not only account for the majority of hate crime victims in NYC(by volume and per capita) but Jews are also attacked on average inmore than 70% of police precincts—twice the rate of the next mosttargeted group. • Contrary to […]

Letter to Amazon Concerning Nazi Propaganda Films on Platform

To whom this may concern, It appears Amazon is a hotbed of Nazi propaganda. Literal, original, unadulterated Nazi propaganda that was produced in the Third Reich. Perhaps you are unaware of these occurrences so I will detail the extent of the issues below. The most egregious of Nazi offerings currently on Amazon is Leni Riefenstahl’s […]

LAUNCH: Jewish Lives Matter Merch

Jews constitute less than 2% of the population but account for some 60% of hate crime victims. It’s time to make clear to all who need to hear: JEWISH LIVES MATTER! Order yours today to support our cause.