Amazon Removes 27 Nazi Propaganda Films After Report by Americans Against Antisemitism Goes Public

“We’re truly pleased that Amazon ultimately took the sweeping and broad action that was necessary to ensure Prime Cinemas didn’t become Nazi Cinemas,” said Dov Hikind. “Removing 26 films entirely from their website is no small feat, so it’s reassuring to see we’re on the same page in terms of the types of hateful contents that clearly have no place on any mainstream platform. A great relief.”

NEW YORK — Following the publication of our report, Amazon has removed 27 problematic Nazi film titles from their website—pages for 23 DVDs no longer exist and 3 on Prime are now listed as “unavailable.” Upon further review, a handful of cited films were deemed not problematic since the subject matter isn’t directly related to WWII and the Holocaust—an acceptable rubric. But the very worst Nazi films like The Eternal Jew, Jud Süss, and The Rothschilds’ Shares in the Waterloo are all gone from the platform.

“Clearly, Amazon heard our collective calls and read our organization’s report, item by item, and despite the horror of discovering such a problem on a platform that plays such an outsized roles in our lives,” explained Hikind, “It’s 2022 and lots of weird things have been happening in the past few years but, thankfully, normalizing and mainstreaming Nazi propaganda films isn’t one of them.”