AAA Releases Alarming Report on Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes and Prosecutions in NYC

READ FULL REPORT: The Prosecution—or Lack Thereof—of Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes in NYC Key Findings: • Jews not only account for the majority of hate crime victims in NYC(by volume and per capita) but Jews are also attacked on average inmore than 70% of police precincts—twice the rate of the next mosttargeted group. • Contrary to […]

Letter to Amazon Concerning Nazi Propaganda Films on Platform

To whom this may concern, It appears Amazon is a hotbed of Nazi propaganda. Literal, original, unadulterated Nazi propaganda that was produced in the Third Reich. Perhaps you are unaware of these occurrences so I will detail the extent of the issues below. The most egregious of Nazi offerings currently on Amazon is Leni Riefenstahl’s […]

LAUNCH: Jewish Lives Matter Merch

Jews constitute less than 2% of the population but account for some 60% of hate crime victims. It’s time to make clear to all who need to hear: JEWISH LIVES MATTER! Order yours today to support our cause.

AJC Releases Landmark Study on Antisemitism

AJC Antisemitism Survey 2020

The American Jewish Committee’s recently published antisemitism study surveyed both Jewish and non-Jewish Americans about their attitudes and awareness about Jews and antisemitism. READ HERE