Weekly Roundup: Antisemitic Incidents

Jews in Belgium requiring state protection from antisemites and terrorists.
Jews in Belgium requiring state protection from antisemites and terrorists (file).
Jews in Belgium requiring state protection from antisemites and terrorists (file).

Week of 1/31/21

It’s been quite a week.

1. Outrage Over Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Antisemitic Facebook Post Continues

2. Perhaps inspired by Greene’s post resurfacing, An African-American teacher in North Carolina also posted about a global Rothschild banking conspiracy:

After pressure was mounted the school fired the teacher. Some times, at least, there are consequences for such vile hatred.

3. It was just another day in Syria when members of the Baath Party decided to offer a Nazi (some say Roman) salute. Either way, we’ll just tag this one as strange and twisted:

4. An antisemite with a penchant for sporting antisemitic t-shirts made a second appearance in a supermarket around Simi Valley, CA. What can we say other than we appreciate when people are forthcoming about how they feel.

5. A molotov cocktail was thrown at a synagogue in London:

6. In South Florida it was just another day when a homicide detective with Miami-Dade police unleash an antisemitic tirade over a parking dispute:

7. Meanwhile, media outlets and social media accounts related to the authoritarian government of Turkey have been pushing a message that there are ‘too many Jews in president Joe Biden’s cabinet. It began in January but has continued unabated with this recent post in Turkish:

Interestingly enough, going back to November just after the election when Antony Blinken was first nominated, the Muslim-Brotherhood-Qatar-Turkey aligned congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) also added antisemitic commentary though she couched it in humanitarian terms:

8. Alums for Campus Fairness just published a damning report on antisemitism at universities across the United States showing that despite distance learning and fewer direct student interactions did nothing to decrease incidents of antisemitic hate.