WEBINAR: Conspiracies, Viruses, and Plagues: How COVID-19 is weaponized against the Jewish people

Becca Wertman, the Managing Editor and Canada Liaison at NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based research institute, will take us through a brief history of plague-related antisemitic conspiracies up to the present day where she will demonstrate just how COVID-19 is being weaponized to demonize the Jewish people, and who’s behind it.

It’s fascinating and alarming all the same, but you will walk away with a firmer understanding of what the Jewish people are facing and how you can do your part to combat it.

Moderated by: Inna Vernikov, Women’s Committee Chair for Americans Against Antisemitism

NGO Monitor is a Jerusalem-based research institute that focuses on exposing non-government organizations (NGOs) and their funders active in promoting antisemitism, BDS, and other hate campaigns.