Deconstructing Farrakhanism and expose the Dishonorable Minister of Hate
Farrakhan at his worst

Nick Cannon and DeSean Jackson can “apologize” for their indulgence in vile antisemitism but that doesn’t cure all those who’ve been infected with Farrakhanism! Farrakhanism has clearly poisoned too many minds, but that won’t stop us from exposing his hate. Farrakhan is an intellectually bankrupt charlatan that has peddled his hate unchallenged for too long. No more.

Americans Against Antisemitism is launcahing a new web series that will deconstruct Farrakhanism and expose the Dishonorable Minister of Hate for what he is: a miserable and ignorant hater. With each episode we will demonstrate why all those who follow this man and his ideology are being swindled by a cheap used car salesman desperate to make his monthly quota. And it will also expose why all those who remain silent as this man’s hate is spreading like an infectious disease are all the more culpable for its proliferation.

Watch, and stay tuned for a lot more to come…